Friday, April 29, 2011

Everyone want's to witness

Everyone want's to witness

The Royal Kiss,

the Liftoff

It seems like everyone wants to witness one of NASA's last space shuttle launch, and today's planed liftoff of the shuttle Endeavour is no exception. NASA has a long list of VIP guests for Endeavour's afternoon launch, and even Hollywood found a way to nab seats for the launch... Read More

and the Return.

Father Recalls Deadly Tuscaloosa Tornado

NPR Radio: R.J., which is my older son, get up, son.
And right when I said get up and I put my hands on him,
the walls went, and he went. He just - he left.
The tornado took him right then...

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DeanO said...

Amen - the real story of lives uprooted, homes and families. Thanks for this post