Friday, November 16, 2012

Let's Talk Stuffing

Our best recipes for Thanksgiving stuffing, including cornbread stuffing, cornbread dressing, chestnut stuffing, sourdough stuffing, matzo stuffing, and more.

F&W's best Thanksgiving stuffing recipes and dressings include classic sausage-and-bread stuffing and upgrades like bacon, wild mushrooms and even 

Cornbread, Bacon, Leek and Pecan Stuffing

This stuffing is brimming with traditional holiday flavors, including leeks, herbs, and pecans. We used our Honey Corn Bread recipe but left off the honey topping. Store-bought cornbread also works well.

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love this post, i need to choose all my thanksgiving recipes that i want to make! we are your newest followers, come follow along at XO