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Cookouts That Dazzle

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Every dish here cooks up with 8 ingredients or less. From juicy steak with fresh corn relish to chili-rubbed drumsticks, these easy and delicious recipes for the grill are impossible to resist. 

Burgers and grilling go together like lemonade and a sunny day. Fulfill your every burger craving, from basic beef to spicy pork to smoky mushroom and herbed seafood, with this go-to collection of juicy burger recipes for your next barbecue.

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From classic barbecued ribs to Asian-inspired orange and ginger ribs, these recipes are sure to dazzle at your next barbecue.

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Bon Appetit

Sick of the ole marinated steak or chicken kabobs? Here are 20 things you can slap on the grill that come from the sea or from the ground.

Super Smooth Berry Ripple Ice Cream

Summer is finally here, so it's time to dust off the garden furniture and head outside to enjoy some al fresco entertainment. Nothing says summer more than deliciously creamy ice cream, a perfect sweet ending to any meal. 

In the following video, domestic goddess Kirstie Allsopp whips up a delicious treat for "real ice cream" lovers, super smooth berry ripple ice cream. Lusciously creamy yet fruity too -- it's guaranteed get the taste buds tingling.

The hero ingredient in this recipe is the Nestlé Carnation Condensed Milk. Not only does it sweeten the ice cream, it takes the fuss out of the method. There is no need for an ice-cream maker and you don't even need to stir the ice-cream whilst freezing - all you do is make the mixture and leave it to set in the freezer.

It's a great treat for the kids to scoop into cones to eat in the garden or alternatively, serve for friends and family with some succulent fresh berries. Just remember to make enough as they'll definitely be back for more!

Serves 12
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 5-10 minutes
Freezing time: 3-4 hours or overnight

400g (14oz) fresh or frozen berries 
Juice 1 lemon 
55g (2oz) caster sugar
1pt carton whipping cream 
405g can Carnation Condensed Milk Light 
1tbsp vanilla extract 

To serve:  
Waffle ice cream cones


1. Place the berries in a pan with the lemon juice and sugar and cook until syrupy (about 5-10 minutes). Cool then strain the berry sauce through a sieve to remove the pips. 

2. Beat the cream to soft peaks then add the condensed milk and vanilla and beat again to soft peaks. 

3. Pour the ice cream into a freezable container and swirl through the berry sauce. 

4. Freeze until solid (about 3-4 hours or overnight).

5. To serve leave out for 5-10 minutes before serving in ice cream cones!

Cooks tips
Using Carnation Condensed Milk to make ice cream means that you don't need to stir the mixture every hour over a four hour period. The reason you would stir is to make the small ice crystals for a really smooth finish, however, the condensed milk will do this for you. What a time saving!

You can use any berries for this -- try blackcurrants, blueberries or raspberries. Adjust the sugar with the fruit according to taste. Or just make a plain base ice cream with the cream, condensed and vanilla and swirl through Carnation Caramel or chocolate sauce.

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