Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plan The Perfect Passover

Browse our best holiday menus and seven beautiful seder plates, plus top kosher wines and recipes for matzoh ball soup, brisket, gefilte fish, and charoset

Martha Stewart: Passover Recipes
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Here are 38 of our favorite recipes for seder and the eight days of Passover. You'll find traditional Jewish holiday dishes, including matzo ball soup, brisket, matzo brei and gefilte fish, as well as luscious desserts and treats such as macaroons, apple cake, and matzo toffee.

This cake features both chocolate and cocoa; the combination gives it a rich, dark color, and deep chocolate flavor. A chocolate ganache glaze takes it over the top. And, since it contains neither flour nor leavening, it’s perfect for Passover.   

 Yeshua, Our Passover Lamb 

 Is it true that Yeshua (Jesus) celebrated Passover? 
Is it true that He was actually crucified on Passover? 
Is it true that His last supper was a Passover meal? 
Yes, yes and yes. 

The story of Yeshua and the story of Passover are inextricably connected. 

The Bible teaches that Yeshua is indeed the Passover lamb 
or sacrifice for all mankind. 

In this video, see how Israel celebrates the holiday of Passover
 and how believers in Yeshua are celebrating 
Passover in their hearts, every day!

When is Passover?

Passover will start on Saturday, the 7th of April 
and will continue for 7 days until Friday, the 13th of April

 On the Jewish calender, a holiday begins on the sunset of the 
previous day, so observing Jews will celebrate Passover 
on the sunset of Friday, the 6th of April.

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