Sunday, November 20, 2011

Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes

To survive the cooking marathon that invariably accompanies Thanksgiving Day,   make your side-dish selections based on ease as well as flavor. You can still include the classics, like sweet potatoes and stuffing,  plus a few new additions that'll impress and please. With these easy side dish recipes from Martha Stewart, cooking Thanksgiving dinner will seem a lot less intimidating.

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C.A.R. said...

yummmm!!! :D

Shirah! said...

Hi Charlotte!

Your Blogger site is outstanding! I must take my time this holiday season and take the tour savoring your creativity and inspiration! :)
It's been a busy 2011 year with launching my CD, preaching and touring with my album. Exciting days are still ahead in God.

Happy Thanksgiving and Great Peace be with you in your heart. Give over your cares to the Lord and watch Him give you miracles! :) 1Peter 5:7 to you and your family! What a Blessing that we met on Blogger several years ago! God is so good with giving us divine connections!
Blessings, hugs!!!! and Love in Messiah - Shirah