Thursday, September 8, 2011

Creative Colorful Fall Wreaths

Everyone's favorite Halloween sweet is no longer limited to the candy dish!
This easy-to-make wreath utilizes the colorful candy for a fun homemade decoration.

A Beautiful Mess

 Here's a simple DIY wreath that you can make with scraps of fabric, ribbon and a wire hanger.

Made by Nicole

Made By Nicole: New Paper Towel Wreath for Fall

I had a bunch of dye spattered paper towel left over from letting my zombie journal blocks dry so it seemed like a perfect time to make a fall-themed paper towel wreath. Yay!
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Nicole Maki said...

Thanks so much for sharing my paper towel wreath with your readers.

They're so easy - I taught a six year old how to make one.

Now I'm off to find your zombie journal blocks.

Kristen said...

Very pretty, Nicole! Love this!!! I want to make one now!