Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fun Finds From Etsy

$15 each + s/h

The Happy Helper wine bottle cork stopper fit into all standard sized wine bottles to keep the goods nice and fresh until the next glass is poured. Choose one design from the five available to wrap up as a perfect gift along with your favorite bottle of that pesky Pinot Grigio and you'll show them who has taste!

$7.50 + s/h

This eco-friendly reusable bag is made by me right here in the USA! The outer fabric is 100% cotton and the food safe nylon lining is waterproof and is free of lead, PBB's and PBDE's. This lining will keep your sandwich fresher for a longer period of time

$18 ea + s/h

Oilcloth splat mats are a great way to prevent your floors from the mess of splattered food, juice and paint. These splat mats measure 48" x 48" for maximum splat coverage. They are useful under highchairs, craft tables, art easels and much more. When your kids are done making a mess, simply wipe it clean! They also work great as table cloths on square tables.

$18 + s/h

Adorable Robot cotton fabric for the Exterior with striped cotton fabric for the Interior. Colors- Primary Colors.

$20 + s/h

A classic vintage Cheese Dome made of a glass top and a solid teak base. The wood is in excellent condition, and has a wonderful grain...

$20 + s/h

An unusual looking wood carved seagull in matte paint, with metal wire legs on a log base. Signed "by W. Male". I like how the wings are set to the back, giving it a strange abstract look. It has a quirky folk craftsmanship you don't see much anymore.

$20 + s/h

Vintage cupcake or muffin trays and tins are a great way to organize everything from toiletries and the junk drawer to use as a seed starting tray and drink holder for the porch. most fit nicely into drawers or shelves...or stack them high. perfectly usable for cooking as well



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