Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cape Cod Style Finds

West Elm's fish sculptures and Pottery Barn's soap dishes are beautiful and delicate — an ideal addition to a bathroom or kitchen. Try sea-life printed guest towels and pillows for summer-themed accessories that can be changed
easily when the leaves begin to turn.

You can't go wrong with a water-inspired blue and white palette. Rough finishes lend a beachy-cottage vibe, such as the aqua handblown bath accessories from Pottery Barn and West Elm's fish sculptures.   

What pretty bedding!

Artisans print our shell-strewn bedding by hand, dipping
and placing multiple blocks for each tonal design. Drawn from antique
volumes of curiosities, the chambered nautilus, sea dragons, conch shells and more float lightly on lined cotton voile that feels cool and soft on the balmiest summer night.

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