Monday, April 4, 2011

Once Upon A Time: Storybook Cottages

Photographer: Michael Graydon

Charming Living Room

A recovered 19th-century English sofa and a tufted ottoman create a cosy look.

Photographer: Michael Graydon

Warm & Cosy Kitchen

A Swedish grey-blue shade is the perfect colour to complement warm wood tones


Photographer: Ted Yarwood

Summery Cottage Dining Room

A fresh blue and yellow table setting coordinates with patterned linen drapes.


Photographer: Angus Fergusson


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"Imagine strolling through the countryside and stumbling upon a home packed with old world charm — except unlike Hansel and Gretel, you won't need to worry about a wicked witch inside. Instead, you'll find exposed stone walls, wood beams, painted furniture, numerous antiques and floral prints, all combined to create a pretty and idyllic retreat. See how various homeowners and designers have acheived this rustic look in living rooms, dining areas, kitchens and bedrooms. Even if you don't have a cottage of your own, you can still incorporate many of these elements in your home."


Patti said...

LOVED this.... want to look with more detail... I live in a 100 year old monstrosity, but I always am looking for ways to make it feel more like a cottage! great post!

Erin said...

That's just like my dream home! An eclectic mix of antique and modern furnishings, all meant to leave one feeling cozy and at home. I have to agree with Patti...great post!!