Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lets Talk Turkey

This is one of my favorite recipes:
Roast Turkey with Sage Butter Bon App├ętit, November 1995
Bacon was a staple meat for the pioneers. (They stored it in bags surrounded by bran for insulation.) As a result, the cured meat has found its way into a variety of heartland dishes. This all-American bird embellished with sage and bacon is a good example.

Deep-Fried Turkey Recipe : Paula Deen : Food Network
Prep time: 5 mins - Cook time: 35 mins
Nov 1, 2010 ... Food Network invites you to try this Deep-Fried Turkey recipe from Paula Deen.

Photo: Tina Rupp

Pancetta-Wrapped Roasted Turkey Recipe - Tim Love Food & Wine
Top Chef Judge Gail Simmons loves this recipe so much she sent it to a friend last Thanksgiving. After rubbing this turkey with a bold and delicious mix of chile powder, cumin, sugar and herbs, Texas chef Tim Love blankets it with slices of salty, fatty pancetta, resulting in a supermoist and savory bird.

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