Monday, October 4, 2010

Mama's Way or Your Way?

Southern Living, October 2009

Mama's Way or Your Way?
One recipe is from scratch and the other is easy enough for your busiest day.

Mama's Way: Classic Apple Dumplings
Made from scratch, with fresh Rome apples, tender homemade dough, and rich, spiced syrup, Classic Apple Dumplings are definitely worth your time and effort.

Why We Love Mama's Way
Tender, homemade dough
Rich spiced syrup
40-minute bake time

Recipe: Classic Apple Dumplings

Your Way: Quick Apple Dumpling Bundles
Short on time? You can still enjoy the flavors of this classic, comforting dessert. To make Anne’s Quick Apple Bundles you only need 6 ingredients, including refrigerated piecrust, frozen spiced apples, and jarred caramel sauce.

Why We Love Your Way
Only 6 ingredients
Uses a refrigerated piecrust
20-minute bake time

Recipe: Quick Apple Dumpling Bundles

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