Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog!

Corn chips add crunch to these meaty chili dogs.
Add a sprinkling of sharp cheeder cheese for extra flavor.

Hot Dog and more at Better Homes and Gardens

Hot dogs are an American tradition. Here are 10 quick and easy ways to jazz them up: "… red sweet pepper add a colorful touch to hot dogs. Sprinkle crumbled bacon pieces on top … makes a spicy and delicious topping. Top hot dogs with nacho cheese sauce,…"

Tomorrow is the last day of school . . . Hot Diggity Dog!

Here's some fun ideas that might help keep your kids busy:

Badminton, Biking, Bird watching, Hide-n-Seek, Hopscotch, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Stick Ball, Croquet, Go Fishing, Golf, Hiking, Horseshoes, Kickball, Penny Toss, Swimming, Slip-N-Slide, Charades, Plan a Scavenger Hunt, Camping, Plan a Picnic, River Rafting, Rowing, Three Legged Races, Paint by Numbers, Sell LEMONDADE, HOTDOGS or POPSICLES, Go to the Park, Visit the Zoo, Visit the Science Museum, Visit the Art Museum, Start a Scrap Book, Dry & Press Flowers, Create a Bird or Butterfly watching journal, Start a New Hobby, Build a Model Car or Model Airplane, Play Jacks, Pick Up Sticks, Chess, Checkers, Board Games, Take a Garden Tour, Go to Library and read,read, read. Make Puppets, Write & Direct their Own Play, Create their own Carnival, Learn Photography, Learn First Aid, Go Bug Hunting, Build a Terrarium, Visit the Farmers Market, Start a Worm Farm, Groom the family pet, learn Magic, Paint rocks for the Garden, Learn to Cook, Decorate Cupcakes, Learn to Knit, Beading, Woodworking, Memorize Bible Verses and last but not least just have fun!

Alien Field Trip

This alien field trip was an out-of-this-world experience for these lucky fifth graders from Los Angeles. All kids should have the chance to explore alien worlds, exotic animals, and all sorts of other cool educational experiences. We are sending 50 deserving classrooms on field trips that they will never forget.

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