Thursday, February 4, 2010

Creative Crafts That Recycle

Here are three creative crafts that recyle from Better Homes & Gardens:

Yardstick Frames and Vintage-Tin Crafts Supplies Organizer
Use a miter box to cut old yardsticks to length, creating colorful and graphic photo mats that turn basic frames into works of art. Corral craft supplies in a three-tier stand made from vintage tins.

Fabric Scrap Balls
An easy craft to make, these fabric-wrapped balls use up scraps from your stash and can be displayed in a pretty bowl. Cut strips from coordinating fabrics and use glue to adhere them to foam balls. Select a variety of fabric patterns and use both small and large balls for extra interest.

Magazine-Page Frame and Storage Box
Make this fun picture frame and coordinating box by repurposing old magazines. Decorate a plain wood frame and cardboard box with colorful tubes crafted from magazine pages.

If you would like to see more fun creative recycle craft ideas from BH&G please go to:

Creative Crafts that Recycle
Whether you use up what you've got or make something out of a found treasure, these ideas will cost you next to nothing.

All Photos: Better Homes & Gardens

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