Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Everyone Has Christmas Secrets

"Dear Santa, For Christmas I want a surprise! Last year when I asked for a surprise I got a very nice one. I liked it a lot. I hope you get me a good surprise again.Love,Libby"

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Here are some of my favorite reader comments:

Posted by Ritab2pamperu

I have an open door Christmas breakfast. It started when my son was small and he is now 24. We never know who will be there but there is plenty of food and fellowship. Even friends who know someone who has no one to share the holidays with invite them. I don't think anyone should be alone on such a wonderful occasion.

Posted by Melissa Smedley

Every year since my children were born (16 and 12 now); I write each of them a special Christmas letter that I put inside a Christmas card with a picture of them at Christmas. In the letter, I write what family activities we did for the holiday, what we ate for Christmas dinner, presents and all the memories of the season. I put each one in an envelope marked with the date. When they turn 18, I will give them all of their Christmas cards so they can look back and reminisce and see how they changed through the years. I can't wait to see their reactions! Also, since my husband and I have been married (20 years), I have bought a special ornament every year. I usually try to get something that symbolizes something special we did that year. One is of course, our first Christmas together, our childrens births are another; one is for a new house, and this year will be a yorkie puppy ornament, because we just got our new teacup Yorkie name Piper!!

Posted by Kendra Bosten

Last year for Christmas, my family decided not to give presents to each other. Money was tight and we could do without presents for one year. So I thought maybe we could give to others. I asked everyone to bring one or two canned food items to our christmas get-together. I then donated all the items to the women's shelter here in Cedar Rapids. The center helps abused and needy women and children. The warmth I felt by doing that will never equal any present I get. I suggest everyone try it. :)

Posted by Angie S in Chicago area

At the beginning of December the kids and I always make homemade snowflakes to hang on the windows. We use different "wintery" papers and outline them in glitter glue to make them extra special. It's a simple craft that they all still enjoy (ages 8 - 13). Our guests are impressed with them, too!

Posted by Lisa G.

To keep from going broke or feeling overwhelmed buying gifts, I give couple/family presents instead of individual ones. (I still give individual gifts for birthdays, which are spread throughout the year.) Popular family gifts I've given in the past: Movie Night - A DVD, popcorn, and boxes of "movie candy," such as Red Vines and Junior MInts. Let's Cook - An ethnic cookbook surrounded by special ingredients, such as lemon gr*** and coconut milk for Thai food. I Love the Northwest - For family that no longer lives in the Seattle area, I pack a basket with local treats, such as Space Noodles, Pike Place Fish tartar sauce, Almond Roca, and Seattle's Best Coffee.

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